To Crimea and Tamagne with comfort and friends!

Exclusive tour to Crimea for demanding travelers. History and nature,
wine and gastronomy, sun and sea!

Planned for Sep 30-Oct 08, 2023

  • About the tour:
    Educational and leisurely travel along mountain serpentines and picturesque bays of the South Crimea and Tamagne peninsula on board a comfortable minibus with maximum of 14 fellow travelers. Professional local guide and travel escort along the route. We will sample delicacies of the Black Sea, taste local dessert, sparkling and slow wines in the historical wineries. You will appreciate the level of hotels and restaurants that we offer!
  • Type of the tour:
    Excursions and gastronomy! History of accession of the Crimea to Russian Empire in 1783, 2 heroic defenses of Sevastopol in 1854 and 1943, Russian Tzar's palaces and parks, everything about Yalta-45 conference, which predeterminated the fate of Europe after WWII. Museum of nuclear submarines in Balaclava underground port. History of winemaking with tastings in historical wineries, lunches in theme restaurants and bars.
  • Price: 97000 ₽
    INCLUDED per person sharing double room:
    9 days of extensive excursion program.
    8 nights in the best hotels of Sevastopol, Yalta, Novy Svet, Tamagne and Kerch.
    7 lunches in theme restaurants.
    3 tours with winetasting to historical wineries of "Massandra", "Novy Svet" and "Chateau Tamagne".
    1 professional Crimean guide and local guides in the musems and wineries.
    1 tour director from Escape Travel.
  • Flights:
    Flights are NOT included. The tour starts and ends at Simpheropol airport (SIP). Group transfer with guide to Sevastopol at 14:30 is included. Individual transfer from airport to Sevastopol hotel is extra 2000₽. Return to Simpheropol airport (SIP) on Sunday at 16:30. We will be happy to help you book the flights!

  • Dates and details:
    Planned dates: Sep 30-Oct 08, 2023
    The tour starts and ends in the Simferopol airport. The tour is 9 days long. We will visit a lot of historical locations - Sevastopol and Bakhchisaray, Balaclava and Alupka, Alushta and Yalta, Livadia and Massandra, Sudak and Novy Svet, Crimean Bridge and Tamagne, Kerch and Simferopol. The length of the route is about 900 km.
  • Difficulty of the tour:
    This tour does not require any special preparation - just normal ability to walk. There are no steep climbings but there are stairs in the parks, palaces and wineries. The duration of transfers between the locations and walking tours does not exceed 2 hours. Enjoy maximul level of comfort! No rush! You will always have time for a rest or for a pleasant stroll along the shore before dinner.
Yet three more reasons to come
In Crimea apricot and peach trees begin to bloom ealry in spring
Spring comes to Crimea much earlier than in our's cold climate. The blossom of almond tree is a real symbol of Crimea as it starts blooming earier than the other trees. In March blooming almonds can be seen everywhere - by the roads and in the yards of the houses, in the parks and botanical gardens. In April one can enjoy blossoms of magnolias.
Black Sea is a home of great variety of tasty fish and clams!
Red mullet and sea needle, bluefish and pelengas, mussels and rapa whelks, and - most important - oysters! We will stop for lunches in authentic eateries with local food. Tatar cheburek and yantyk, red mullet and jack mackerel, rapa whelk and garfish - You will learn how to tell them apart! We reserve tables in gourmet places for dinner!
Winemaking has been revived and deserves a tasting!
Crimea became the centre of Russian winemaking in 1878 by initiative of count Lev Golitsyn who founded first private Champagnerie in Novy Svet. Later he will present this winery to the Tsar. in 1897 by the order of the Tsar he created a huge winery in the rock in Massandra to develop production of dessert wines. You will see all this and taste!
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